What Kind of Personalized Medicine Does the Future Hold?

By Marie Darrason


Is personalized medicine as successful as we think? This is the question Marie Darrason considers in her lecture. She first gives a definition of personalized medicine before explaining its origins, its goals and its values. Darrason then examines the pros and cons behind the use of personalized medicine in health care. She emphasizes the fact that prediction and big data are challenging. She uses the example of targeted therapies for curing cancer to support her demonstration. She also explores the concept of personalized medicine from an institutional perspective, especially with the project France Genomique 2025. Darrason concludes her lecture by underlining the need of more education for researchers, doctors and patients to brighten the future of medicine.


00:00:10 – Introduction
00:01:25 – What is personalized medicine? Person-centered medicine, quantified self and precision medicine

00:08:35 – 1.The origins of personalized medicine
00:08:36 – 1.1.The Oslerian perspective
00:11:55 – 1.2.The human genome project
00:21:50 – 1.3.The 4 P’s of medicine : personalized, preventive, predictive and participatory
00:22:40 – 1.4.The core concepts of personalized medicine

00:23:45 – 2.Is personalized medicine a success? The case of personalized oncology
00:24:08 – 2.1.Traditional approaches to cancer
00:26:20 – 2.2.Precision oncology
00:28:05 – 2.3.The promises of targeted therapies
00:34:34 – 2.4.The limitations of targeted therapies
00:42:48 – 2.5.Other solutions?

00:45:46 – 3.Common core epistemological and ethical issues
00:46:00 – 3.1.Prediction and big data
00:49:24 – 3.2.The concept of “individual”
00:51:15 – 3.3.Data privacy, quality, storage, consent and equal access

00:52:30 – 4.Personalized medicine from an institutional perspective – France Genomique 2025
00:52:31 – 4.1.International initiatives
00:55:20 – 4.2.France Genomique 2025
01:02:25 – 4.3.Autonomy of technology versus technological choice
01:06:50 – 4.4.The power of loose concepts

01:08:05 – Conclusion
01:08:06 – What vision of personalized medicine does the future hold? The need for more education