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  • Improve your grammatical accuracy and your written scientific style.
  • Promote your contribution to the literature in the “abstract” and the introduction of the article.



> The most frequent grammatical errors identified in scientific articles: explanations and practical exercises;

> Characteristics of good scientific style in English: brainstorming and examples;

> Choosing a catchy title;

> Writing an abstract:

– The purpose of an abstract. How to make it attractive.

– The structure of an abstract;

– Drawing attention to your contribution to the literature;

– Reading authentic abstracts written by scientists of various disciplines and analysis of their structure;

– Improving your abstract: practical exercise.


> “Peer feedback” on abstracts

> Strategy to develop scientific style and vocabulary through active reading;

> Writing the introduction:

– Techniques for getting started: examples;

– Different possible structures for the introduction;

– Reading and analysis of some extracts of introductions;

– Citing the literature;

– Improving your introduction – practical exercise.


> BEFORE THE TRAINING: Send an email to with your abstract and introduction of your article (for rereading and corrections by the teacher).

> DAY OF TRAINING: Bring your abstract and introduction to your article.

ATTENTION: the training is entirely in ENGLISH