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> Present your research with self-confidence at conferences/workshops.

> Improve your diction and pronunciation.


Verbal and non-verbal communication:

  • Key communication points: the impact of words, body language and your voice. Best practices and points to avoid.
  • Voice work: practical exercises to improve diction, intonation, use of pauses and pronunciation.
  • The structure of a presentation. Ensure a smooth transition between the parts by using linking phrases.
  • Communication techniques to get and keep audience attention.
  • Identify the key message to get across.

Practical exercises (partially filmed):

  • Presentation of your research subject (2 minutes).
  • Feedback on the content, diction, body language, communication style and linguistic corrections if necessary (grammar, pronunciation).
  • Observation of filmed extracts.


> Prepare a short presentation (2 minutes) without slides on your subject of research.

> Watch a presentation on the internet (TED talk) and analyse the techniques used to keep audience attention.