Formation « Project management tools useful for thesis »

> > > Formation « Project management tools useful for thesis »
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> Acquire the fundamentals of project management

> Control the progress of the project

> Manage the project’s change management



I. The concept of project

  • What is a project?
  • Project cycle management

> Exercise: the 6 key points of a project


II. The project manager roles

  • Actors and their roles in a project
  • Managing without hierarchical power
  • Setting objectives

> Put into practice: team-based problem solving


III. Planning the project and monitor its implementation

  • Setting out the implementation schedule
  • Establishing the critical path (PERT and Gantt)
  • The Obeya method
  • Dashboards and indicators
  • Risk management (5M method, Ishikawa diagram, risk classification)

> Exercises: Definition of a PERT network (Program Evaluation and Review Technology) ; Classify project’s risks


IV. How to communicate in a project

  • The rules of effective communication
  • Project meetings

> Put into practice: Role-play on communication ; Leading a project launching meeting