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The Doctoral College offers PSL PhD a wide range of professional course (related to jobs, careers, communication, management, etc.) as well as more specific courses.

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To register for a course

  1. Click “Register for course” at the bottom of the course description page
  2. Create an ADUM account (or log in, if you already have an account)
  3. Fill in the required fields
  4. A message confirming your request for registration will appear (note: this does not mean that the registration has been approved)
  5. The request for registration will be sent to the person in charge of managing the course (contact provided in the description)
  6. Print the registration form (“Bulletin d’inscription”), fill it out if necessary, sign it, and have your dissertation supervisor sign it
  7. Email the completed and signed registration form to the person in charge of managing the course (contact provided in the description)
  8. Once your registration form has been received, you will receive an email confirming your course registration

Please note

  • Since each course has limited seats, registration may be closed once space is full. For this reason, doctoral candidates who register for these courses agree to attend the entire course (via the registration form).
  • Some courses may be cancelled (up to one week before the course start date) due to insufficient enrollment.

PhDOOC: “PhD and Career Development” MOOC

The “PhD and Career Development” MOOC is designed by PhD students and PhDs who are perfectly aware of the issues faced by their peers when it comes to career development and defining one’s next step. Created and led by the PhDOOC association together with experts in Career Development for PhDs, this innovative training programme enables doctoral students to become informed and able to reflect and prepare for their future. Based on a proven pedagogical model, this MOOC is collaborative and flexible enough to allow each student to complete it at their own pace and whenever they want/can.

This online training, which encourages exchanges and mutual aid between participants, helps them to identify and develop their skills towards defining their professional project. It also allows participants to develop and gain new communication skills through the use of new digital tools, and to develop their professional network in order to optimise their job search regardless of their field and the sector they are interested in pursuing their career (private vs public).

For this fifth season, the PSL Doctoral College is supporting your participation in the MOOC, so that you will be issued a certificate for the chosen learning pathway (on condition of success) at the end of the sessions. This certificate will allow you to promote the skills acquired during the training.

My DocPro

docproDocPro offers PhDs, companies, doctoral schools, and laboratories an overview of the skills a PhD develops throughout the various phases of his or her career. It represents the culmination of a dialogue between academia and the business world.


PSL’s MOOCs are designed to bring knowledge to the masses!

Free and open to everyone, with no set hours, MOOCs are courses taught in the form of online videos by professors from PSL institutions.

They last 6 to 8 weeks on average and generally require 2 to 3 hours of work a week from students.

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