ADUM: PhD Connect

ADUM (PhD Connect), an internet portal for information, services, and communication for young researchers, is an electronic directory in the form of a database populated by young researchers and viewable online.

My ADUM personal space: Doctoral candidates

My ADUM personal space: Supervisors / Managers

The ADUM network

This database contains information about doctoral candidates/PhDs, including their education beginning at the graduate level and job placement.
The purpose of ADUM is to help young researchers connect in order to create a bridge to employment. It offers a place for young researchers to post their skill profile online and for companies to find their future employees.

The personal ADUM account, with secure access, allows registered users to update information about themselves at any point.

Services offered:

  • Online registration
  • Secure access for current and past members of the institution, with specific data lookup options
  • Option to display dissertation defense information, including date, time and place, jury members, and abstracts in French and English
  • Online posting of CV and doctoral dissertation in PDF format Photo of member on web page
  • List of course modules available to doctoral candidates with registration and online management of those modules
  • Search by keyword
  • Custom configuration of how data are displayed in different directories
  • Information about PhD life sent out by email
  • Job offers