Whether you study science and engineering, humanities, economic and social sciences, or the arts, a PSL doctoral program offers a world-class education in any discipline, as well as a unique setting in a globally-ranked university.

As a future researcher, entrepreneur, or other professional, a PSL doctorate is the first step in your career thanks to:

  • 2,900 research professors
  • A network of French and international PhD students hosted by 29 doctoral schools in 140 research laboratories
  • Unique doctoral program: SACRe
  • A diploma from PSL, an internationally-recognized university
  • Ongoing supervision and access to courses through the PSL Doctoral College

To support your education, the PSL Doctoral College, which coordinates and implements PSL’s doctoral policy, offers:

  • A course catalog of cross-disciplinary offerings, on topics such as “Communication”, “Management”, “Ethics and scientific integrity”, “Entrepreneurship and innovation”, “Documentary research and publications”
  • Support for participating in development opportunities (MT180, research days, career tracking, etc.)
  • A schedule of events, documents, services, etc. via a website
  • A dedicated team

The PSL doctoral community 2020/2021 is made up of:

  • about 2412 PhD students
  • including 525 new PhD students in their first year
  • about 40% women
  • 40% international students
  • 10% in PhD joint agreement
  • Exceptional cultural, geographic, and social diversity

The PSL university PhD graduates:

  • 404 in 2017
  • 444 in 2018
  • 462 en 2019
  • 392 en 2020

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