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Once the professional project has been defined, it is essential to have the right methods and tools in order to convince the recruiter and to optimize your chances of realizing your project.

> Decoding and understanding of the recruiter’s expectations in the hiring process

> Optimisation of communication tools towards recruiters (resume, cover letter, job interview)



Module 1: Understanding the recruitment process

  • Identifying the needs of companies and institutions in terms of skills
  • Understanding the recruitment processes of different organisations
  • Knowing the recruiter’s approach in the search and selection of candidates
  • Understanding the expectations of recruiters

Module 2: Mastering job search tools

  • Where to find job offers
  • Deciphering a job advertisement
  • Making attractive communication tools (CV, cover letter)
  • Correction of CVs and cover letters prepared before the training

Module 3: Practicing the job interview

  • Expressing your motivations, aspirations and assets
  • Practice interview in the position of the recruiter and candidate

Module 4: Meeting recruiters at recruitment forum

  • Meeting professionals at a forum or a networking event
  • How to introduce yourself briefly and catch the attention of the recruiter (Elevator pitch)



Priority for 3rd year and over

You have to come with your updated CV and cover letter (paper format) from the beginning of the first day of the course.