“Time and priority management to keep stress under control” course

> > > “Time and priority management to keep stress under control” course
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This training will allow you to identify your time thieves, acquire the tools for an effective organization to reduce stress.

> Managing time according to ones priorities

> Becoming more effective in ones daily organization

> Regulating stress



I. Most common stress factors in professional situation

Time management

  • Managing time more effectively
  • Analyzing time usage
  • Chronobiology

Exercise: Identifying ones time thieves

Priority management

  • Identifying ones priorities
  • Managing priorities and unexpected
  • Knowing how to say “no”

Application: Knowing how to say “no”

Exercise: Activities prioritizing

II. Stress functioning

  • Understanding stress mechanisms
  • Identifying stress origin
  • Apprehending consequences on oneself and on the environment
  • Identifying stress factors and spotting alarm signals

Exercise: Identifying stress factors

III. My relationship to time and to stress

  • Analyzing ones operating mode
  • My relationship to the organization
  • How I rest and relax

Self-assessment: Sociostyles