PSL PhD graduates in 2018 honored at the ceremony on April 5

For the second consecutive year, the Doctoral College and the PSL Communication Department organized a shared ceremony for all PSL PhDs. This year, the PSL PhD graduates in 2018 were honored at the ceremony held on April 5, 2019 at the Université Paris-Dauphine.

The 2019 ceremony began with a speech by Mr. Alain Fuchs, President of PSL, and Ms. Françoise Combes, astrophysicist and professor at the Collège de France at the chair “Galaxies and cosmology”, and sponsor of this promotion 2018.

This year, the ceremony was punctuated by interventions by PhDs and great witnesses following thematics:

  • Sciences of the earth and the universe
  • Life sciences and health
  • Humanities and social sciences, Arts
  • Mathematics, physics & chemistry
  • Sciences for the engineer
  • Sciences of decision, organizations, society and exchange

This program by theme allowed to “tell a PSL story” and to discover to the public and young PhDs the multiplicity and richness of the opportunities offered to our graduates.

The event ended with a cocktail that allowed PhDs and their families and PSL institutional guests to meet and exchange in a warm atmosphere.

This convivial moment was the occasion to collect the first returns on the ceremony which proved to be very positive: in addition to being a unifying event for the entire PSL community, the PhDs experienced this ceremony as their moment of consecration that closes their doctorate.

Many thanks to all PhDs, to Mr. Alain Fuchs, to Mrs. Françoise Combes, to the great witnesses and to the directors and/or representatives of the institutions for their support and their participation in this event, which is an important moment in the life of any PhD.

Click here to relive the ceremony in pictures!