Do you have a cultural, sporting, civic, solidarity or other project, and you want help from PSL to make your project concrete? Get started!

PSL’s call for student initiatives aims to develop the cohesion of PSL’s student community and to promote the inter-institutional projects, actions and commitments of its students by providing financial support for a selection of student initiatives. Since 2012, more than 200 projects have been supported.


Your project have to:

  • be inter-institutions (eliminatory criterion),
  • be worn by a PSL student association,
  • be independent of the study course and have an impact on campus life by having a unifying potential, which promotes the visibility of PSL.
  • have a coherent and certifying budget of co-financing up to 30% of the budget (possibility of justified derogations in certain cases).

The projects must be implemented during the current academic year and can not be extended beyond.


You have until March 3rd midnight to apply online by clicking here.