Conditions for admission

Candidates must meet university admission requirements and hold a five-year higher education diploma:

  • French national master’s degree
  • French or foreign degree conferring the grade of master

Candidates in the arts must be able to present a portfolio as evidence of a strong artistic practice.
Candidates must not currently be enrolled in another doctoral program.
There is no age limit for candidates.
Candidates may not apply more than three times.

Application process

The admission process takes place in two phases.

Candidates first apply to the partner institute of their choice depending on their type of project:

The website for each institute specifies the application process and the list of supporting documents required.

The availability date of application forms and the deadline for submission follow the academic calendars of each institute, but fall within the following range:

from 18 March to 13 May 2020 (4 p.m., Paris local hour UTC+1)

On completion of a selection process, each institute decides on the eligibility of successful candidates. Definitive admission is then announced by the PSL plenary jury, after reviewing the applications and the eligibility reports for candidates prepared by each institute.