The “Hematology Oncology and Biotherapies” doctoral school at Université de Paris focuses on biomedical research in three areas: hematology, cancer biology and biotherapies & biotechnologies. The doctoral school supports experimental and translational research aiming at elucidating the cellular and molecular pathways involved in the development of solid tumors and heme malignancies, in order to develop new diagnostic and therapeutic methods.

The doctoral school also favors projects related to stem cells and blood tissue differentiation, from stem cells to differentiated cells, including immune cells and their interaction with the microenvironment. This also includes projects studying the implication of blood cells in other diseases aside from cancer (infection, atherosclerosis, thrombosis, etc.).

Finally, the doctoral school is involved in project developing innovative biotherapies (including gene therapy and somatic cell therapy) or studying the interaction of cells with biomaterials.