The Earth and Science Doctoral School offers research training for Ph.D students in the following main fields: Geochemistry, Geophysics and Earth, Environment and planets Sciences.

The Doctoral School welcomes about 110 Ph.D students, a quarter of which are from abroad.

The Doctoral School’s objective is to make it possible for the student to have a transition period between the years at school and the years at work.
In managing and organising the three Ph.D years, the Doctoral School mainly aims at making sure that the Ph.D student is getting on well and serving as an intermediary between the student and the advisor, allowing students to set up a professional network (seminaries, guest professors, national and international meetings, doctoral school meeting, …), allowing students to obtain a general knowledge in Earth and Environment Sciences. To do so, the Doctoral School takes advantage of the many subjects that are beeing studied in the different associated research teams.