The EPHE PhD Program leads to the doctorate now entitled “PSL (Paris Sciences & Lettres) PhD prepared at the EPHE”. The Program takes place in the Doctoral School (école doctorale) which is a member of the College of PSL Doctoral Schools. The faculty is composed of 242 advisors, which includes 200 EPHE Research Professors (directeurs d’études) and assistant or associate Professors (maîtres de conférences) as well as 42 scholars attached to other institutions who supervise EPHE PhD students. The Program has an average enrollment of 600 doctoral students, with approximately 100 PhDs awarded every year.

In accordance with EPHE’s original vocation, the Doctoral School provides research training in the broader sense including practical workshops, seminars, lectures, training courses, introductory and methodology sessions to assist PhD students with their investigations. The general aim is to provide students with the scientific autonomy that is inherent in the future evolution of knowledge-based careers. The Doctoral School has a policy of fostering the personal work of its PhD students and of helping them to gradually become active participants in professional research through various forms of financial grants and support for the organization of scientific meetings and for research publications. Upon enrolling, every PhD student is therefore attached to one of the EPHE’s research institutes or laboratories.