Gendering Research and Higher Education: a Momentum?

By Maxime Forest


What are the gender issues in research and how can we overcome them? In his lecture, Maxime Forest starts by revealing the fundamental gender problems in science: horizontal and vertical segregation between men and women. He then explains the reasons behind these problems. The masculine image of science, gender blindness and gender bias all prevent women from performing as well as men in research. Forest continues his presentation by summarizing some European policies promoting gender equality in research. He speaks about the European Commission’s strategy behind these policies and enumerates some of their successes. He concludes by detailing the Egera experiment, a project conducted by Sciences Po Paris attempting to establish equality between men and women in academia.


00:00:10 – Introduction

00:02:10 – Acknowledgement

00:03:05 – 1. Gender issues in research
00:03:37 – 1.1. Horizontal segregation
00:07:10 – 1.2. Vertical segregation

00:14:45 – 2. Reasons behind gender issues in research
00:15:10 – 2.1. The masculine image of science
00:25:10 – 2.2. Gender blindness in research
00:42:50 – 2.3. Gender bias in research

00:52:20 – 3. Analysis of gender issues in research
00:53:00 – 3.1. Metaphors as explanations

00:56:00 – 4. European policies promoting gender equality in research
00:57:00 – 4.1. The European Commission’s strategy
01:02:15 – 4.2. Institutional change
01:08:25 – 4.3. A momentum for a Gender Equality Plan in research?
01:10:00 – 4.4. Successes of the policies : the Egera experiment

01:20:30 – Conclusion