This is the fifth edition of this training, conducted by the Institut Curie and École normale supérieure – PSL. Combining philosophical reflection, historical studies and discussions on the ethical issues of scientific knowledge, it has become indispensable to all those who will work tomorrow in research or, more generally, in all the professions related to it. It will enable them not only to improve their research approach but also to develop a civic conscience on these issues, and to be better prepared for dialogue with the Society.

This module took place from November 6th, 2020 to June 11th 2021.

Pandemic preparedness and environmental awareness

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While preparedness asks us to prepare for future pandemics, and question how much we are prepared in the organization of public health, it also includes attentiveness to environmental changes as early warning signals of pandemics. We’ll see 3 technics of preparedness : sentinel, desktop simulation and stockpiling.

Artificial intelligence, not without her!

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Algorithms are macho. This is a major problem. Indeed, AI, artificial intelligence, is more and more present in our daily lives, without us always being aware of it. Virtual assistants, search engines, career guidance applications... select, suggest, orient, propagating sexist prejudices. How to remedy it? What could be the solutions ? A. Bernheim, proposes to use AI as an ally to counter gender and racist bias.

Scientific integrity

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Scientific integrity is different from ethics and ensures the impartiality of research. A range of scientific misconduct from lack of knowledge to fraud has been identified. To address misconduct, it is important to obtain more data on frequency and to develop strategies for scientific integrity at the individual and collective levels

The rise and fall of solar radiation management

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The seminar address the question of the use of geo-engineering to mitigate climate change, through the example of solar radiation management. How scientists are facing this current topic with some ethical issues? What is solar radiation management? What are the scientific and ethical issues of these technics?

Scientific virtues and vices

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Are intellectual virtues useful for the successful resolution of theory choice, and what is their exact role in scientific activity? After listing a variety of scientifically relevant virtues and vices, C. Paternotte argues that virtues are neither necessary nor sufficient for successful theory choice. However, they can have a positive effect by accelerating the convergence of a scientific community toward a good theory.