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This training will allow you to learn to detect your sources of stage fright and optimize your speech.


  • Structuring ones public speaking
  • Acquiring technics to handle stress
  • Improving ones performance during public speaking



I. Identifying ones functioning during Public Speaking situation

  • Qualities, difficulties, improvement axis
  • Self-assessment: What kind of communicator are you ?
  • Video viewing

II. Public Speaking key principles

  • Body “forms, deforms and transforms the speech”
  • Communication is enriched by gestures
  • Look, face and voice reinforce communication

III. Stage fright: friend or enemy ?

  • Stage fright reasons: psychological barriers, inoperative schemes, cultural barriers
  • Relativizing: 4 questions to asks oneself
  • Stage fright taming to make it an ally

IV. Public Speaking preparation

  • Understanding to be understood
  • Public Speaking stucturing

V. Successful Public Speaking on D-Day

  • Getting ready on D-Day
  • Capturing and keeping attention
  • Getting public interested and motivated
  • Using rhythms, silences and accentuations
  • Disturbing behaviors and how to handle them


> Sub-group exercise: How to react to these difficult situations: passive audience, chatty audience, opposing audience.

> Synthesis application: Remake the initial application according to the principles learnt along training.