“Key principles for team management” course

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> Learn the basics of organization and goal setting

> Learn how to delegate and motivate your team

> Identify your management style and tools managers can use



Wednesday 23 and Thursday 24 June 2021 (2 days)

1. Organizing and follow-up

  • Manager key roles
  • How to set goals
  • Know the difference between urgency and importance

Exercises: Study a SMART goal; Set a personal SMART goal

2. Delegation

  • How to delegate
  • Situational leadership types

Exercises: Delegation constraints ; Key steps for delegation interviews ; Case study: situational leadership

3. Motivation

  • Sources of motivation
  • Maslow’s Pyramid and needs satisfaction

Exercises: Actions to motivate your team ; Case study: employees’ motivation ; Role-playing: re-motivation interview

4. Identifying management styles

  • Preconceived ideas about management
  • Taking a new position
  • Manager’s behavior impact on the team

Exercises: Management style self-diagnostic

5. How to animate

  • Team manager’s communication
  • Manager’s role in a meeting
  • Listening and feedbacks

Exercises: Role-playing: team meeting

6. Management interviews

  • Types of interviews
  • Manager’s tools
  • Dashboards

Exercises: Analyzing an annual appraisal ; Case study: NASA case ; Managing stress