“Follow your skills evolution throughout your PhD” course

> > > “Follow your skills evolution throughout your PhD” course
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> Guide you to identify and promote your competency (knowledge, technical skills, inter-personal skills, cross-disciplinary and transferable skills) throughout your PhD

> Know how to take advantage of the portfolio of skills and knowledge.



Unit 1: Presentation of the portfolio of skills and knowledge

  • Portfolio presentation and user guide
  • Presentation of the skills and occupations base (CAREER project) and other tools available
  • How to analyze past and future experiences to identify the developed competences (knowledge, technical skills, interpersonal skills)

Unit 2: Become an actor-builder of your training path during your PhD

  • Define priorities in terms of competences, aspirations and motivations
  • Know how to position yourself in relation to “who I am”, “what I know how to do” and “what I want to do”
  • The different types of competences and how to acquire them during the PhD program via training through research and additional training sessions: presentation of perfect examples of training paths depending on career objectives

Unit 3: Presentation of the methodology to set up for the rest of the PhD

  • Program to refine your career objectives, review past and coming steps and associated competencies before the last PhD year, prepare your post-PhD action plan.