Formation « Time, priority and stress management » (2ème partie)

> > > Formation « Time, priority and stress management » (2ème partie)
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Objectifs :

> Learn how to prioritize, how to manage your time – both on a daily basis and throughout the preparation of your thesis, and how to develop a realistic work plan

> Adopt good strategies for overcoming stress

> Learn how to prioritize and develop a thesis plan

> Learn how to manage negative stress and develop positive stress


Programme :

  1. Round-table evaluation of time management practices and the impact of stress on each PhD « student »
  • Discussion about how you manage your time, including tools you use and successes and difficulties you have experienced
  • Exchange about the impact of stress during the preparation of your thesis: the different effects of positive (stimulating) and negative (impeding) stress
  • Collective evaluation of constructive points and strategies for improving time and stress management
  1. Adopt useful tools for time and stress management
  • Key advice about prioritizing and how to develop a realist work plan for different periods of time: several years (3-year thesis), annual, monthly, weekly and daily
  • Essential advice about achieving optimal organization of the methodological research phases, as well as how to manage relations with members of the team, such as your research manager and partners
  • Tips for managing negative stress and developing positive stress: how to develop your own personal method and find the right balance